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Switch Box
  • An economical option for desk phones that are NOT headset ready.
  • Allows a headset to adapt to your existing desk phone via this switch box and still retain use of the handset.
  • Offers mute capability as well.
  • Need more volume. See our headset amplifier bundles. Click Here
Each headset on this page comes with the DA171 switch box.

Chameleon 2003M ECO Noise Canceling Headset & Switch Box Chameleon 2003M ECO Noise Canceling Headset & Switch Box

For all day use we recommend our 2001 series here

This headset model offers a substantial increase in comfort and productivity over a handset. The most cost-effective headset solution.

The headset is complete with a 10-ft coiled cord and RJ Plug. Simply plug the modular plug (see product picture) into the modular RJ headset port on your phone, headset dial pad or amplifier and it's ready to be used. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Compatible with all Chameleon headset amplifiers and dialpads as well as GN Netcom/Fellows MPA-II, ACS SSH-Kneewell, Starkey, Accoustical Innovations, Smith Corona, Mustang, and Plantronics S and T series amplifiers.

*not for use with Cisco 7900 Series Telephones
*not compatible with 2.5mm applications
*no usb or sound card option for computers
*does not replace the telephone handset

If the phone you are plugging this headset into does not have features you require such as mute or volume control we recommend one of the adapters in the related items.
This headset Fits 99% of office phones with an RJ9 headset port!


Q. If my phone doesn't have a headset port can I just plug into the handset port?

A. We have received feedback from some customers that their callers have a hard time hearing them. This is because the microphone on a headset is not as powerful as the handset. That is why we recommend a headset amplifier for these phones which gives you volume control, mute and the ability to still use your handset.

Our Price: $49.90

Simply plug your headset into the DA171 Switch Box and then plug the DA171 Switch Box into the handset port of your existing desk phone.