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Think you found a lower price?
Many companies sell "reconditioned" or "Open Box" items as new.
Our product comes "NEW" direct from the manufacturer.

  • The ability to move away from your desk.
  • Answer calls, alter volume or mute a call directly from the headset.
  • You may need devices such as a handset lifter (a mechanical device to lift the telephone handset off its cradle) to pick up a call on a desk phone without having to manually pick up the receiver.

Remote Answer and Hang-Up

Wireless units give you freedom, and adding a Handset Lifter or EHS (electronic hook switch) cable allows greater productivity by allowing you to answer and hang up remotely. Both will sense when your phone is ringing and generate beeps in your headset to alert you of a call. If you choose to take the call, just press the Answer Button on your headset to take the call. When finished you press the button again to disconnect the call. You will need to return to your phone to press the appropriate buttons to dial, transfer a call, or to perform any other phone functions. Most phones will support the Handset Lifter which raises and lowers your telephone's handset, simulating you answering a call. The EHS electronically establishes calls on newer phones without the mechanical motor and physical movement of your handset, but otherwise accomplishes the same thing but are only available with certain model phones. See the EHS guide on the product pages to check your model or contact us. Having the ability to answer remotely greatly increases your productivity . You can answer away from your desk and carry on conversations where ever you need to take them. It also allows you to answer calls that would have normally gone to voice mail.