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Which type of adapter do you prefer?

So your phone doesn't have a dedicated headset port. That's OK! All of the sections below feature headsets with adapters that enable you to connect a headset to your phone through the handset port.

Click one of the following.
Switch Box

  • An economical option for desk phones that are NOT headset ready.
  • Allows a headset to adapt to your existing desk phone via this switch box and still retain use of the handset.
  • Offers mute capability as well.
  • Need more volume? See the Headset Amplifier Bundles below.
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  • A step up from the switch box above. Amplifiers provide the highest possible call quality available
  • Compatible with most single-line and multi-line phones
  • They provide a mute switch, speaker and microphone volume adjustment so your caller hears every word.
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Multimedia Amplifier

  • Connects a headset to your telephone and PC or external audio device
  • Complete control over mute and volume for speakers and microphone
  • Easy to connect and use with superior sound
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