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Choose one of the 3 below.

1.Pin Jack 2.5mm telephone headsets Standard 2.5mm Pin Jack Headsets

These headsets fit 99% of office phones with a 2.5mm pin jack headset port including Cisco SPA models.

Choose this unless you have one of the specific model telephones listed below.
Pin Jack 2.5mm telephone headsets

2. Cisco 2.5mm Headsets Cisco 2.5mm Headsets

Compatible with Cisco Models:

  • 7920G
  • 7921G
  • 7925G
*for Cisco SPA models click here

3. 3.5mm headsets 3.5mm Headsets

Compatible with 3.5mm equipped telephones such as:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Spectralink Wireless Handsets